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都築 崇広 個展「合板都市」





TAKAHIRO TSUZUKI solo exhibition "Plywood City"¥
Tsuzuki has consistently created works on the theme of the pre-existing and artificial nature in the city. He sees urban landscape-like patterns in the structure of plywood, an industrial product used in the actual construction of cities. Some of these sceneries seem to repeat themselves while others look alike yet diverge. The fragments of nature that appear in the grain of the plywood are the result of a streamlined manufacturing process. For us, this may be nature  in a convenient way.

In this exhibition, two types of plywood are used to reflect on the urban  landscape.

Structural Plywood (Larch)
Ordinary plywood made by peeling logs with a rottary cutter and them laminating the slabs together.
The rotation result in a grain repetition that appears like examples of modern urbanistic patterns, such as rows of condominium plots or the development of brand new urban areas.

Printed Plywood
Plywood finished with an artificial decorative sheet that reproduces the natural wood grain. It is normally used for ceilings, flooring, and other interior finishes. These patterns are designed so the grain repeats itself seamlessly all along the the board. It can be seen as a metaphore of the   copy-paste architecture that we may find along major roads, such as convenience store or chain stores.