SYP Gallery

Group Exhibition

Open Thu~Sun 13:00~19:00

- Overview - 参加作家
吉野祥太郎 / 都築崇広 / 内藤忠行 / 大寺史紗 / 西澤利高 / ARMELL KERGALL / 花代 / 森村誠 / CRISTIAN BOFFELLI / 久保田沙耶 / 山上渡 / 大野公士 / 三田村光土里 / 鹿野裕介

- Overview -  Participant Artist
Shotaro Yoshino / Takahiro Tsuzuki / Tadayuki Naitoh / Misa Otera / Toshitaka Nishizawa / Armelle Kergall / Hanayo / Makoto Morimura / Cristian Boffelli / Saya Kubota / Wataru Yamakami / Koji Ohno / Midori Mitamura / Yusuke Shikano

SYP Gallery「Overview」
2014 年から作家・吉野祥太郎が運営してきた S.Y.P Art Space は、2020 年 6月より吉野祥太郎(作家)、JAVIER CASAS(建築家)、原田雄(ギャラリスト) の3人によって共同運営される SYP GALLERYとしてリニューアルオープンしました。



SYP Gallery  "Overview" S. Y. P Art Space, created in 2014 by artist Shotaro Yoshino, has been renewed into SYP Gallery in June 2020 under the triple direction of Shotaro Yoshino (artist), Javier Casas (architect), and Yu Harada (gallerist).

During this time, the world has suffer a big social transformation due to the global pandemic of the coronavirus. In the midst of such social changes, the artists, while keep on working, has been struggling with some critical questions: what is art? what is its universality? and even, is art essential? 
From now on,  they will certanly continue to  explore for solutions in connection with the social evolution.

In this ocassion, we will be showing artworks from  artist featured in 2020, as well as  the artists scheduled for 2021.